Figli minorenni allo stadio

I would like to bring my underage children to the stadium: do I need to buy them a ticket? How does it work?

Children up to the age of five can enter the stadium for free, providing that they are accompanied by an adult. Simply present an identification document or birth certificate at the entrance to the stadium and you will be issued with a special "child" coupon, with no reserved seat, which will allow you entry to the stadium. Each adult spectator is eligible for only one "child" coupon. If, for example, there are two adults and three children, it will be necessary to buy a ticket; in that case two children can be held by the adults and the third will have a reserved seat.
Important: This typology of ticket is NOT available for home games against Ac Milan, Juventus, Roma, Napoli and for UEFA Champions League and Europe League games.

Posti per bambini inferiori ai 5 anni

My child is under the age of five, but I would still like to reserve them a seat: can I buy them a ticket?

Yes. If you wish to reserve a seat, you will have to buy a ticket. Where discounts are applicable, you can buy an “Under” ticket, available to the youngest spectators.

Where can I buy tickets?


You can buy tickets online at and at a further 500 sales points in the Vivaticket network, which can be viewed at

Rimborsi / Resi biglietti acquistati

Ho cambiato idea o è cambiato l'orario e non posso più assistere all'evento. Come posso fare?

Purtroppo non è possibile effettuare rimborsi per biglietti acquistati. Nel caso in cui non si possa più assistere ad un evento è possibile cederlo a terzi tramite la procedura disponibile su La cessione viene attivata soltanto quando la data e l'orario di un incontro sono ufficializzati dalla Lega Calcio.

Cambio Settore / Posto biglietto

Ho acquistato un biglietto ma vorrei modificare il settore o il posto. Come posso fare?

Purtroppo per ragioni tecniche / fiscali non è possibile modificare il settore o un posto a sedere di un biglietto già emesso. Nel caso in cui il biglietto fosse ceduto a terzi tramite la procedura disponibile su, sarà poi possibile acquistare un nuovo biglietto in qualsiasi settore dello stadio ed intestarlo alla medesima persona.

Acquisto biglietto online

If I buy a ticket online to be uploaded onto my 'siamo noi' card, or to 'print at home', do I still need to pick anything up when I arrive at the stadium?

No. Online ticket purchasing lets you jump the queues and is the most convenient way to buy. Whether the ticket is automatically loaded onto your 'siamo noi' card, or bought as a 'print at home' ticket, the only thing you need to do is proceed straight to the stadium turnstiles and enter. No queuing!

How do I print my PDF ticket at home?

How do I print my PDF ticket at home?

It’s very simple: once you’ve completed the purchase, an image will appear inviting you to save the file in order to be able to print it. You will also receive a purchase confirmation email containing a link allowing you to re-open the e-ticket for printing. If you have a smartphone, you can also save the PDF file on your phone and enter the stadium by presenting the barcode on the screen and scanning it at the turnstiles.

Tessera del tifoso a San Siro

Is it necessary to have a Fan Card in order to go to the San Siro to watch Inter?

No. The card is required to buy a season ticket and, as a general rule, you must have a card if you are an Italian citizen living in the region of the opposing team. For example, Italian residents of Sardinia must have a card in order to be able to go to Inter v Cagliari, whilst residents of Piedmont must have one for Inter v Torino, residents of Campania for Inter v Napoli, residents of Emilia Romagna for Inter v Sassuolo, Inter v Parma and Inter v Cesena. The same system applies to all teams/regions. For Inter v Atalanta games, only residents of the province of Bergamo must have a card, whilst for the Inter v AC Milan derby, there are no restrictions in place.

Tessera del tifoso in trasferta

Is it necessary to have a Fan Card in order to go to Inter’s away matches?

Yes, but only if you are a resident of Lombardy. However, it is compulsory to have a card if you want to watch the match from the away fans section (i.e. the Inter fans section). For Atalanta v Inter games, all residents of the province of Milan must have a Fan Card, regardless of whether they want to sit in the away fans section.

Abbonamenti minorenni

I would like to buy my underage child a season ticket. Do they also need a 'siamo noi' card?

Yes. All season tickets for individual people require possession of a 'siamo noi' card, regardless of age.

Attivazione online tessera SiamoNoi

I’ve bought a 'siamo noi' card online and have been asked to activate it. What does this mean?

The first time you use the card, you must activate it. This takes just a few minutes and is a way of verifying that the details and photograph inserted when purchasing the card are all in order. You can either active the card at the stadium on the day of the match or in one of the special Vivaticket sales points:

Smarrimento tessera SiamoNoi

I’ve lost or damaged my 'siamo noi' card and need a new one: how do I go about this?

First of all, sign up to, if you haven’t already done so, and link your 'siamo noi' card to your account. In the top right-hand corner of the screen, click on Enter and then on My Profile. All you need to do is enter the 'siamo noi' card number and your date of birth. Once you’ve successfully linked the card to your account, you’ll see some options, one of which is for replacement cards.


I’ve lost or damaged my 'siamo noi' card and need a new one: how do I go about this?

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