Resultado final

22 Abril 2006 15:00

47' (2ª parte) Cruz
28' Cesar
23' Martins
16' Cruz (R)
árbitro Nicola Rizzoli / líniers D'Agostini, Di Liberatore / Cuarto árbitro Rodomonti
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Minutos Crónica
45' Cruz combines with Martins in the Reggina area but the Nigerian forward overhits his return pass. Pelizzoli collects.
45' It's Inter 3-0 Reggina after a throroughly entertaining first half at the Meazza.
44' Cesar close to a second goal. The Brazilian's hooked shot from Stankovic's ball in from the right is saved by Pelizzoli.
42' Javier Zanetti storms down the right then delivers a cross. Pelizzoli gathers.
42' Another good chance for Inter. Martins receives from Cesar on the edge of the box, beats an opponent with a yard of pace then has his shot parried by Pelizzoli.
40' Biondini cuts out a Pizarro return ball to Stankovic as Inter attack down the left channel.
38' Julio Cesar comes off his line to beat Bianchi to Vigiani's headed pass.
37' Bianchi crosses from the right-wing by-line after taking on two opponents. Inter clear.
36' Cordoba beats Choutos to a Mesto cross from the right.
35' Choutos takes on two Inter players during a diagonal run from the left then shoots. Julio Cesar saves with his legs.
34' Bianchi's free kick is on target but too central and Julio Cesar makes an easy save.
33' Free kick to Reggina in a central position 25 yards out for a Stankovic foul on Choutos.
32' Stankovic controls a pass into the Reggina area and fires wide of the far post from a tight angle.
31' Fantastic ball wide for Cesar by Cristiano Zanetti, but the flag goes up for offside.
30' Julio Cesar collects Biondini's cross from the right wing.
28' GOOOOAAALLLL!! What a superb goal by Cesar. The Brazilian beats Pelizzoli with a bullet header from Cruz's ball in from the right. Inter 3-0 Reggina.
28' That was Cesar's first Serie A goal in an Inter shirt.
26' Reggina bring on Giosa for Carobbio.
26' Inter close again as Stankovic's header from Pizarro's corner comes back off the crossbar.
25' Another good chance for Inter. Martins combines with Pizarro on the right before crossing to the far post. Stankovic's volley is parried by Pelizzoli. Corner.
23' Incredible miss by Inter. Cesar crosses from the left-wing by-line. Crus touches square to Pizarro, whose near-range shot comes off the post.
23' GOOOAAAAALLLL!!!! Obafemi Martins receives in the area from Cristiano Zanetti and slides the ball past Pelizzoli. 2-0 to Inter.
23' That was Oba's 9th league goal for Inter this season.
22' At the other end Lampros Choutos controls a pass into the Inter box before volleying wide.
21' Applause for Javier Zanetti, who takes on three opponents during a Maradona-style run then forces Pelizzoli into a save with a low shot from 20 yards.
20' Free kick to Reggina 25 yards out on the left. Carobbio's inswinging cross is caught by Julio Cesar.
18' Pizarro's cross is cleared. The ball falls to Cesar who crosses back in but Pelizzoli collects Cordoba's header.
17' Modesto fouls J.Zanetti on the right edge of the Reggina area. Free kick.
16' GOOOOAAAAALLLL!!! Julio Cruz sends Pelizzoli the wrong way. 1-0 to Inter.
16' That was El Jardinero's 12th league goal this season.
14' Oba Martins receives in space from Pizarro but is closed down by two Reggina defenders.
14' Cracking shot by Stankovic from 20 yards. Good save by Pelizzoli. Corner to Inter.
14' PENALTY. Modesto brings down Pizarro in the Reggina area. Rizzoli points to the spot.
13' Good chance for the Nerazzurri. Cesar receives from Pizarro then unleashes a fierce shot which forces a good save from Pelizzoli.
11' Cristiano Zanetti tackles Vigiani on the left edge of the Inter area to cut out a Reggina attack.
10' Reggina attack back. Choutos plays wide to Mesto who crosses in from the right. Cordoba heads to safety.
10' Inter hit Reggina on the break as Martins races on to a forward pass, but Pelizzoli does well to tackle the Nigerian.
9' Messina have taken the lead in their home match against AC Milan!
9' Cesar whips in a cross from the left but there's no Nerazzurri player in the area.
8' David Pizarro forces Pelizzoli into a save with a fierce low shot from 20 yards.
8' Another cross from the left by Stankovic. This time it spins off the head of Gaetano De Rosa.
7' Dejan Stankovic takes on Carobbio but has his pass for Cruz intercepted and Reggina attack back.
7' Corner to Inter as Lanzari blocks a Stankovic cross from the left-wing by-line.
6' Cristiano Zanetti overhits his central pass for Martins. Pelizzoli collects.
5' Bianchi hooks home a Mesto cross from the right but referee Rizzoli had already blown his whistle for a foul in the Inter box by ex-Nerazzurri forward Lampros Choutos.
5' At the other end Ivan Pelizzoli makes a smothering save to end an Inter counter-attack.
4' Cruz controls a Pizarro ball into the box then fires wide from a tight angle.
3' Cesar makes a diagonal run from the left after receiving from Cristiano Zanetti then plays square to Stankovic who is dispossessed.
2' Favalli's cross from the left is cleared by the Reggina defence after Martins loses possession in the box.
1' Welcome to the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza for Inter v Reggina.
1' Inter line-up: 12 Julio Cesar; 4 J. Zanetti , 2 Cordoba, 25 Samuel, 16 Favalli; 5 Stankovic, 6 C.Zanetti, 8 Pizarro, 31 Cesar; 9 Cruz, 30 Martins.
1' Reggina line-up: 1 Pelizzoli, 14 Franceschini, 29 De Rosa, 55 Lanzaro; 20 Mesto, 8 Biondini, 22 Carobbio, 11 Vigiani, 23 Modesto; 16 Choutos, 9 Bianchi.
1' Reggina kick off. FORZA INTER!!!!!
Minutos Crónica
47' GOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!!!!! Julio Cruz directs a Solari pass over the line to make it 4-0 to Inter.
47' Full time. Inter 4-0 Reggina.
45' Figo's forward pass for Martins is overhit. Pelizzoli comes off his line to gather.
45' 2 minutes of added time.
43' At the other end Cordoba blocks a Vigiani shot from inside the Inter area.
43' Biondini's low shot from a cleared Reggina corner is wide of the left post.
42' Free kick to Inter on the left wing. Solari's header from Figo's free kick is cleared by the Amananti defence.
40' Figo's inswinging cross is palmed clear by Pelizzoli. At the back post Andreolli heads on target but Modesto makes a clearance on the line.
39' Giosa tackles Martins in the Reggina area and concedes a corner.
37' At full stretch Giosa intercepts Solari's cross into the area for Martins to deny the Nigerian a clear scoring chance.
36' Inter bring on Luis Figo for Dejan Stankovic.
35' Solari chests an Andreolli pass into the path of Stankovic, whose half-volley spins off an opponent. Inter win their sixth corner of the match.
34' Lanzaro beats Martins to a ball down the right and concedes a corner.
34' Samuel's header from Stankovic's corner is headed clear by Mesto.
33' Pizarro touches to Cruz. The Argentine's shot is just over the right post.
32' Free kick to Inter in the Reggina penalty area as Castligia holds the ball between his feet to deny Martins. Castiglia is booked by ref Rizzoli.
31' In the Inter area Walter Samuel hooks clear to deny Modesto.
30' Vigiani's right-foot shot from just outside the Inter area is well wide of the right post.
28' Inter replace captain Zanetti with youngster Marco Andreolli.
26' Cesar weaves his way into the Reggina area then plays square to Stankovic, whose shot is blocked by the Reggina defence.
23' Reggina make their third and final switch. Castiglia replaces De Rosa.
20' Inter bring on Solari for Favalli.
19' Lanzaro does well to cut out a Stankovic ball wide for Martins.
19' Reggina carve out a chance to pull one back but Bianchi fires into the side-netting from a tight angle.
16' Javier Zanetti shadows Modesto on the left edge of the Nerazzurri area and blocks a cross by the Reggina winger.
13' Cordoba beats Lanzaro to Mesto's cross and heads to safety.
12' Free kick to Reggina on the right edge of the Inter area for a Cesar foul on Vigiani.
10' Stankovic's cross from the right flank is blocked and cleared by the Reggina defence.
9' Franceschini intercepts Pizarro's forward pass for Cesar with a headed clearance.
7' Reggina replace Choutos with Missiroli.
6' At the other end Martins receives from captain Zanetti then misguides his pass for Cruz. Pelizzoli gathers.
5' Modesto's pass for Choutos is misguided. Julio Cesar collects.
3' Free kick to Inter 25 yards out for a Biondini foul on Javier Zanetti.
3' Stankovic's shot from the free kick is saved by Pelizzoli.
1' Inter kick off the second half. FORZA NERAZZURRI!!!!!
Julio Cesar
Media equipo 7.28
15 tiros a puerta 3
4 tiros fuera 4
17 faltas cometidas 15
7 corner 2
3 fuera de juego 4
31:05 posesión del balón 28:47
victorias(6) empates(3) derrotas(0)

en campo

Julio Cesar 12 Pelizzoli
Zanetti 4 Franceschini
Cordoba 2 De Rosa
Samuel 25 Lanzaro
Favalli 16 Mesto
Stankovic 5 Biondini
Zanetti 6 Carobbio
Pizarro 8 Vigiani
Cesar 31 Modesto
Cruz 9 Choutos
Martins 30 Bianchi


Orlandoni 22 Saviano
Materazzi 23 Cannarsa
Andreolli 49 Giosa
Figo 7 Barillà
Kily Gonzalez 18 Castiglia
Solari 21 Missiroli
Momentè 44 Amoruso