The Nerazzurri Coach in his press conference: "Our objective is within reach. The players have always shown professionalism and a sense of belonging"

APPIANO GENTILE - It was Luciano Spalletti’s final pre-match press conference of the season at the Suning Training Centre as he responded to questions from the press ahead of Lazio vs. Inter. "Lazio have the advantage in that two out of three results suit them while our objective is within our reach so I’m convinced that we can make the Champions League. I don’t know who deserves fourth more out of us and Lazio, they’re three points ahead with a game left. I say that my players deserve this opportunity, we’ll play for it in an open fashion. This match will determine whether we play in the Champions League next year or not but in either case, some great work has been done." 

"This season, we worked in the right way, the players have always shown professionalism and an attachment to the club. For us, it’s key that we can make our extraordinary fans happy, in the end, they’re the ones who can offer a judgement of the season. The fact that they’ve always turned up at San Siro is a sign of the good work that we’ve done. Tomorrow, Inter must be aggressive but without losing balance because Lazio are brilliant at playing directly with how they win the ball back and with their pace. We’ll have to be very aware of this kind of situation. In matches such as tomorrow’s, everything counts: Character, mental strength, balance, awareness of our own qualities and those of the opponents." 

There was then a quick thought on his future: "I’m very happy at Inter, I’m totally focused on what we’re doing and my contract is absolutely not an issue. In these days, the Zhang family has shown love and passion as they’ve done all season." 

"The entire group is aware that we can do great things together. Inter can achieve things and make the fans truly happy. Nobody here wants to leave." 

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