The Slovenian after the win against Rapid Vienna: "The captain's armband isn't a noble title or a trophy but it's a great responsibility"

MILAN - Following the game between Inter and Rapid Vienna, Samir Handanovic was one of the players who looked back on the match: "You can’t take anything for granted in football today, you can be stung if you underestimate a match. If you do your job, everything seems normal in the end but it doesn’t always go that way. The group is tight-knit and we’ve also improved because of this. The captain’s armband? It’s not a noble title or a trophy but it’s a great responsibility, to wear it here at Inter is a privilege. You don’t need one player who wears the armband but five or six leaders in the group, it doesn’t matter who wears it. Nothing has changed for me, I behave the same as before but a captain’s behaviour is always under the scrutiny of everyone and I’ll help my teammates if needed. Those guys who’ve played less so far were ready today, we still have a lot of games left and everyone will have to contribute. We need to pull in the same direction to reach our shared goal which is to make Inter win again."



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