"The hope for our club is to take these guys into the first team. We started on a journey many years ago and it's delivering results"

MILAN - The Nerazzurri’s Assistant Sporting Director Dario Baccin spoke exclusively to Sky Sport following the Primavera side’s triumph in the Viareggio Cup. "The hope for our club is to bring these guys into the first team and that they can see fortune here with us." 

"We all dedicated the win to somebody who gave a lot to Inter and discovered some truly great players: Pierluigi Casiraghi. He didn’t like to show it too much but he was a person of great substance."  

"Yesterday, we were talking about the fact that there were seven or eight players who came from our grassroots set-up, the win was part of a journey that began a long time ago and now we’re seeing excellent results. There were also lots of Italians on the pitch and the youth sector is doing an extraordinary job. It all started with Piero Ausilio some years ago." 

"The players are involved in training daily with the first team, the Coach knows about the work we’re doing." 


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