The forward to Mediaset Premium. "It would be a gift for us and the fans to win Sunday. We want to continue on our way to a Champions League place"

APPIANO GENTILE - On his birthday, Antonio Candreva spoke exclusively with Mediaset Premium. "It would be a gift for all of us and the fans to win Sunday, we could use it after a period that’s not been the easiest and to prepare for the end of the season in the best way. I’m starting to get annoyed at having zero goals next to my name, I hope to change that soon and it would be nice to do it in the derby for the team, for the win and so we can continue on our way to a Champions League spot." 

"Milan are enthusiastic at the moment but they’re still below us and we want to keep it that way. The derby is a match of its own, the derby is different from other games even if it’s still worth 3 points in the end. The derby is the derby, we’ll give 101 per cent."

"It makes us laugh when we read that there’s tension between us in the dressing room, laughable things are being said and at times it’s malicious but we can’t listen to external things, we can’t be interested in them. We’re positive people, we want to reach our objective and the Coach is right to say that it depends on us." 

"I’m attached to this project and I’m happy to be at a huge club. Mauro Icardi’s return? Mauro is important for us, he’s always shown it and everybody knows it." 

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