"I’d like to move into coaching when I retire, but I’m not thinking about that yet. I want to play until I’m 40," the keeper told Caffe Doppio

APPIANO GENTILE – Inter No.1 Samir Handanovic appeared on Inter Channel’s Caffe Doppio programme on Thursday night.

"Diet is absolutely vital for an athlete and that’s becoming more true with every passing day," began the goalkeeper. "We have a load of information about our bodies and about what products contain – what is good for us and what’s now. How do I take my coffee? As it is, no sugar!

"The hard work doesn’t bother me – it’s all about getting into a rhythm. There are difficulties connected to all jobs, so the most important thing is to be passionate about what you do. Pre-season is a bit more stressful because you have to get back in the zone mentally after some time off."

Handanovic also spoke about the way he prepares for matches.

"Everyone is different and approaches the match in different ways. I try not to interfere with my team-mates’ pre-match routines. We all have responsibilities and we all need to keep improving. In training you have to have the right attitude, otherwise you take that with you into a game. Some of the players get really fired up for matches, others less so.

"If I look back 20 years I didn’t play the way I do now. I was more carefree back then – as you grow up, you come to think about things differently."

The keeper went on to look ahead to the future.

"I would like to be a coach – preferably a manager. Right now I’m not thinking about it because my goal is to play until I’m 40. The pitches are much faster now so the ball moves quicker too – you have to train your eye and hone your instincts, even though there are all these cameras you can use to study how your opponents shoot."

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