The Coach, who will take charge of the U17s this year, spoke to Inter TV: "We have to get to know each other well in this period"

VIPITENO - From the training camp in Vipiteno, Cristian Chivu spoke about the new experience with the U17s and his first few days of work: "I couldn’t wait to get going again after the summer break. For me, coaching the U17s presents a new challenge: the primary objective is to be able to convey the ideas I have to the boys quickly. It's a period where we have to get to know each other well, the team has to understand as soon as possible what we are looking to achieve over the course of the season.

"This is a very significant age in the boys' development, everyone has to now take the next step forward in becoming a footballer over the next few years. This is such an important year for their future. Our job is to help them cultivate their dreams," continued the Coach.

What does the coach ask of his team? "Attention to detail almost always makes the difference. We'll have to work on it, but I'm convinced that in a short period of time the lads will be able to express themselves to the full. It's normal to have a bit of trouble at the beginning, but soon they'll all get into shape.”

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