Amongst mornings of training and afternoons of games, the white card of Fair Play is born

Holguin - We are always given a warm welcome in the eastern provinces of Cuba, home to three project centres that have all been active for some years now: Feliu Leyva, Pueblo Nuevo and Fernando de Dios. These surround the city, and wherever you walk you’ll bump into children dressed in Nerazzurri colours.

Our days there involve attending training mornings for local coaches, held in classrooms with interactive segments. Here we work on the organisation of training sessions, without losing the playful spirit that we’ll see just a few hours later on the pitch. In the afternoons, we head to the large sports centre located behind the stadium. Here, in addition to our children, dozens of young people can be found playing football, all sharing the same space. Training sessions and tournaments are held, with the ever-present atmosphere of respect and friendship. So much so that in addition to the classic red and yellow cards, white cards of Fair Play have been introduced. You earn these not only by scoring goals, but also by helping your teammates, apologising to opponents and listening to your coach’s advice.

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