Focusing on fun and coaching development during our second visit of the season to Lubumbashi

LUBUMBASHI - “Transmitting the values of Inter Campus is the secret to this project,” said Gabriela Salmi, who is Coordinator of Inter Campus Congo. It’s a very significant phrase, one that encapsulates the mission that recently ended in Lubumbashi. It is seen here how the local coaches, who’ve been involved for some time, lead the training sessions with professionalism and passion. However, most importantly, they share their knowledge with the youngest coaches who have just started their journeys with Inter Campus.

Another crucial aspect is visiting all of the centres related to the Congolese project: Ciawama, Jamaietu, Gocongo, Bumi, Bacanja Centre. This caters for 120 children who all chase a Nerazzurri football and follow crucial values such as friendship and respect. Values that contribute to all aspects of character development for a child, whether that be cognitive or emotive.

The project continues thanks to the motivation of Gabriele, the six coaches and 120 children, but also thanks to the passion of the Nerazzurri ball that never stops rolling across Africa.

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