An exceptional week for many foreign coaches, who travelled from their own countries to take part in some intense days of training

A unique week has just ended for 10 local teachers from Inter Campus, which gave them a chance to improve technical aspects in the classroom and out on the training pitch. This also provided a moment of reflection in considering different social themes that Inter Campus confront outside the world of sport, whether that be regarding integration in Israel and Palestine, the position of women in Tunisia or the consumption of drugs and violence in Brazil or Mexico. As a group, they are all united by a love of football and the Nerazzurri shirt, while also sharing with each other their different cultures and languages. 

Arriving in Milan from Sunday to Monday, the coaches present observed training with the first team, also meeting with coach Spalletti and other various champions. They then sat in the brand new Inter Media House, enjoyed a first-time trip around the San Siro and also visited the Suning Development Centre and the Inter Academy. A large number of training sessions and some admin were also completed, with the aim to prepare the coaches in the best way possible for their departure. As of tomorrow, they’ll take these experiences back with them to their home towns, where thousands of children will continue to play and grow with Inter Campus. 

Other than the coaches who’ve dedicated both their time and passion, we also want to thank the local partners and the UEFA Foundation for Children for having contributed to the success of this important initiative. 

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