"We came here to have a go at them and we did very well in the first half. I'm pleased with how we played, we just needed a goal"

ROME – Walter Mazzarri was satisfied with his team's showing after Inter took a well-earned point off Roma at the Olimpico this evening.

Speaking to Sky Italia after the final whistle, he said: "We did very well in the first half, we just needed a goal. I'm pleased with the way we played at one of the toughest grounds you can play at, along with Juventus. We came here to have a go at them. We're looking to build this year and I'm happy with the way the lads approached the game tonight.

"I'm satisfied with what we've done so far. If you look at our performances since the start of the season we're perhaps five or six points short. There have been lots of times when luck hasn't been on our side and we've picked up less than we deserved – take the Genoa game, for example, and certain matches we've drawn at home."

Commenting on his first substitution, the coach went on: "Alvarez came into the dressing room at half time saying he had a problem, one he'd been carrying since the Juve game. That's when I told Hernanes to start warming up. I didn't really want to take him off because he was playing well but I didn't want to risk it.

"Unfortunately we're going to be without Samuel against Torino now, just as he was playing like the Samuel of old.

"If you look at the draws we've had at home recently, they're the sort of games where it only takes one goal to win it, but against Cagliari we hit the bar and there have been games we've dominated with 14 or 15 corners but not been able to win. We just needed someone to stick a leg out and poke one home to get the three points, yet in terms of our play the team is doing really well.

"What will Inter's target be for next season? This year is for me to assess the squad. The lads have to prove themselves and every match provides extra info. We'll add everything up at the end then look at who stays and all the rest of it. Our target for the moment is to finish as high as possible.

"Guarin is the sort of player who does get these lulls from time to time but recently he's had a hand in all our goalscoring chances. Sometimes he loses the ball a bit too often. Today he wasn't able to play the final ball. That's the way he is, a mercurial talent who we're working with to ensure that he doesn't suffer from these off-moments. He's already taken great strides forward this season. I even played him in the hole. He can play in fits and starts and today he didn't get the chance to pick a key pass or shoot on goal."

"On the use of TV replays during games: “I'm all in favour of using any technological aid that can help to make games fairer and enure that refereeing decisions affect the outcome as little as possible. If there's something that can help the game run more smoothly then I'm all for it. It's not easy but something could be done.

"Zanetti? I brought him on for Jonathan. I'd already sent D'Ambrosio to warm up but in the final minutes of games like that I needed an experienced head so I opted for him. D'Ambrosio was in the running with Jonathan for a berth right up to the end. He's working with us in training and he knows what sort of job I want my widemen to do.

"Record 38 games without a penalty? We might just make it..."

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