"I have to say the match could have gone the other way. So, had it gone differently, we'd be talking in different terms here"

MILAN - President Massimo Moratti answered the questions of the press waiting outside the Saras offices this morning.

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A lot's been said about Walter Mazzarri's team talk following the Roma game. Did that give you confidence too?
"I didn't hear it, I wasn't in the dressing room when he made his speech. But I read that it had happened, and that's part of Mazzarri's skill. Part of being a good coach is being able to find the right words."

What's the significance of the defeat to Roma?
"Three points fewer. For us it's definitely a case of doing more. There's a huge range to choose from, the players in best form can play."

Given how this defeat came, is this a match that will bring your team back down to size or was it just a unusual match given how things went?
"I must say, the match could have gone completely differently. So, had it gone differently we'd be here talking in different terms. Back down to size? We'll use it as a lesson to perhaps work even harder. To understand certain games, when they go awry, you need to be able to approach them differently on the pitch. That's what I think. Although the other day I had nothing to say to my players, because the guys tried right till the end to score and have a good game."

Before the match you said you wanted to see how the team got on because there were some players missing. Do you think these absences were felt by the side?
"People often point to absentees when things go badly. You point to them in that you know the ability of the players who are out, who are perhaps experienced and who might not get flustered when times get tough."

The penalty which shouldn't have been given: did that make you angry or are these things that just happen?
"At the time, yes. You could see it was outside the box but you don't get angry. It's the start of the season, you keep thinking these are mistakes that can happen. I'm disappointed that there are three people there watching and none of them got it right. But, hey, that's how it went, you can't get worked up about it, you always hope you can come back."

Some people have suggested you might sign the deal with Thohir on Wednesday. Is that true?
"I don't know, we'll see. We'll calmly see where we are, and go from there. We'll see what happens."

But you do expect it to be a key week in finalising the deal?
"For how many weeks now have we been saying this..."

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