"The Champions League and Euro 2012: those are my targets. I love playing for Inter and also for Italy"

APPIANO GENTILE – In an interview with Inter Channel, which will be broadcast on Prima Serata at 21:00 this evening, Thiago Motta spoke about his love for Inter and Italy: "I've always said, ever since I arrived in Europe, that I wanted to play for Italy. For Italy or no one; I'd have stayed at home and rested otherwise. It was my dream to play for the Italian national side and I've realised it."

The Italo-Brazilian explained: "I played for Brazil at youth level with people like Maicon and Maxwell but I answered the call-ups out of duty when I lived back there. I haven't wanted to play for Brazil since I arrived in Europe."

And now that one dream has come true, the Nerazzurri midfielder has other objectives: "Euro 2012 is one of my targets this year. We have a great national team and I'm sure we'll go into the competition fired up and on form. Playing for Italy is very important to me and I want to play as much as possible. I just want to play football, both for Inter and for Italy, and even if that means making a few sacrifices it's absolutely worth it."

One of the questions from the fans at home, sent via email and read by Roberto Scarpini and Roberto Monzani, was whether Thiago prefers playing alongside Cambiasso and Zanetti or De Rossi and Pirlo. "All four of them," he replied with a smile. "They each have different characteristics but all of them are fantastic players." Inter will face Pirlo on Saturday 29 October at the Meazza. "Would it be better if Pirlo wasn't playing? No, top players like him should always be on the pitch for the big games."

Another question was 'If you could choose, which would you prefer to win: the Champions League or the European Championships?' "A tough question..." he replied. "But since I didn't savour our Champions League victory 100% because I didn't play... I don't know, I'd say both. The Champions League and Euro 2012. I have the chance to do both so why not aim high!"

And speaking of the 2010 Champions League final, Motta says he has never met Busquets since that incident [when Busquets feigned injury in the semi-final against Barcelona and got Motta sent off]. "Our paths have never crossed since but it's in the past now, it's behind us, even though it was an extremely difficult moment for me. I was in a terrible state for a week, but you have to get on with things and remind yourself that it could happen again. Hearing the Champions League music, whatever the game, let alone the final, is a special feeling – it's different, incredible. It's a massively important tournament and as a player you're lucky if you get to play in it. And to reach the final is something else... That's coming from someone who was unlucky and missed out. Could I make up for it in Munich this year? It won't be easy but we'll try!"

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