Coaching Method

Being present in different locations of the world, Inter Academy has to be flexible and it manages to adapt to different starting levels and types of organisation.

Once we kick off a project, we conduct an audit in order to set the overall goals and, thanks to our experience, we tailor a plan for every Academy.

Regarding our coaching method, we want to develop intelligent players who are smart decison makers and are not afraid of taking responsibility and showing their personality. We believe in learning by doing and a mistake, at Inter Academy, is an opportunity to learn, not something to avoid at all costs.

The players have to express themselves and they can do it only if they are having fun, playing an attractive and attacking football.

The educational principles of sports training are based on scientific knowledge of the various stages of a young footballer’s development.

The know-how transfer process is aimed at the coaches first and then at the players.
This takes place through classes, on line platforms with video and booklets but also thanks to an in-depth education on the pitch.


Technical area

The Technical area concerns the physical contact between the player and the ball. Players need to develop this relationship at a young age in order to move on to tactical training and improve speed, acceleration, stamina and strength: all of these qualities must serve the team's play.


Physical area

The physical area promotes monitoring, data collection and scientific analysis of all the activities regarding an athlete's work on coordination and fitness.


Medical Area

The medical area includes all the activities that are aimed at treating injuries typical to the game of football. Great emphasis is placed on the study of prevention strategies.